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As Simon wrote earlier, Jane Berry, Ben Whitnall and I did our best at Cabinet Office yesterday in an interview for the Open Innovation Exchange proposal.

We came out feeling pretty buzzy, and since we were in Westminster, and my son Dan had his best video kit on hand, we thought we should do justice to the occasion with a proper interview. We took ourselves off to College Green, opposite the Houses of Parliament. It is more often used by national TV for interviews with Ministers, but hey, we are about leveling things out a bit.

As you'll see, we felt that we gave of our best, and on reflection wouldn't do anything differently in the bid or the interview.
My main feeling - and I think it was the same for others - was that this was a life-changing experience. Well, tender-writing, job-doing-change-experience anyway. Once you have the excitement of opening up, and getting ideas and commitment from others in return, the old ways don't seem too appealing.


Whatever happens, good work

Whatever happens, good work all!

Huge respect and congratulations for flying bravely in the face of multiple challenges, systemic processes, a playing field geared to secrecy, amazing time constraints, and, most significantly, *trusting* people on a distributed team to pull together something absolutely ground-breaking, amazing and properly innovative.

And seeing Ben in a suit must have been worth it alone :)

Great work

Shame you didn't get it, but second the response above - lots of respect due.

Well done to all!


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