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This site is combination of static pages, items created by users
through their blogs, and feeds of content from other sites.

If you want to do more than browse content, please register through
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If you lose your password, click Login/Register and then Request new password

Under Browse you will find more about the Open Innovation Exchange, and our draft proposal. Updates will appear under Exchange News on the right, where you can also find items on different topics under Tags.

Your personal menu appears under your user name when you are logged
in. "My blog" takes you to items that you have created; "My account'
enables you to change personal settings; "Create Content" enables you to
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Contributing content

We hope you will contribute to the Open Innovation Exchange. You can comment without registering, although there may be a delay as we moderate to avoid spam.

If you are registered and logged in, you can create your own blog items - go to create content, then Blog entry.

In addition please tag any

  • Please write about us and your work on your blog. Add a tag openinex and we'll pick it up
  • Tag any other useful content openinex in


Any queries, please leave a comment here or contact us



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